Top Female Racers

Undoubtedly it is a well-known fact that women, in general, have faced many challenges when they have wanted to enter into the world of sports. In spite of this, they have overcome the obstacles that were holding them back in many different sports categories. A prime example of this is the motorsport industry.

The Challenges

There are a variety of different challenges that women face when they want to participate in a specific sport. These challenges will differ depending on the sport itself. Some sports are easier than others for women to break into. For example, women making a name for themselves in adventure racing may not face the same challenges as women in car racing do. However, one thing they usually have in common is getting their male counterparts to accept the fact that women can perform equally as well or better than what the men do in many of the popular sports.


Being involved in the racing circuit can be an expensive endeavour. There are many costs involved with it. To offset these costs, drivers need financial support. There are different ways they can achieve this with one example being a sponsorship from gambling companies which is an ideal match. Sponsoring a driver brings recognition to the sponsor, so it’s a win-win situation.

Top Female Racers

There are several women that are becoming highly recognised for their skills and success on the racing circuit. Many are setting the example of what females are capable of in this sport. Some good example of this are:

  • Avalon Biddle

Some may never have thought that a woman would hold the title for nz 600cc, but Avalon Biddle proved them wrong.

  • Tatiana Calderon

Tatiana has an impressive career in the women’s car racing circuit. Among her best achievements is taking a place on the podium for the British Formula 3 International Series. She was the first woman to accomplish this. Then another great moment was her placing in the Red Bull Ring.

  • Milka Duno

For a woman record holder on the racing circuit, it means taking a look at Milka Duno. Her record is the highest finish female driver in the Daytona 24 hours. Milka didn’t start race car driving until she was twenty-four, which is a little unusual as many of the female drivers start at a younger age.

Going Back in Time

When looking at top female drivers, there are several that are on the racing circuit today. However, they would not be enjoying this if it were not for some of the top female drivers from the earlier years, such as:

  • Janet Guthrie:

She made her claim to fame in the racing circuit in 1976 as the first woman ever to race in a race that was approved by NASCAR for a super speedway. This was the World 600. She may not have placed first but instead took the 15th spot, which in itself was impressive.

There are many other impressive women race car drivers that could be mentioned. This is not to take away from the males who contribute so much to this sport as well. But women deserve to be recognised because they had to fight to become part of this sport. Perhaps it is this determination that has allowed them to become so successful in this particular sport.