The Future for Women in Motorsports

In today’s times, women participate in many sports that were once dominated by men. Motorsports is an exciting sport that many women have come to enjoy.

Women in Motorsports

Many women are becoming very prominent in the world of motorsports. There are several women that are currently at the professional level. This inspires many female youth to become engaged in motorsports. One female racer, Hideki Noda, aspires to become the first female to win an F1 Grand Prix. At the age of 12, she is already driving a formula 3 car.

Women Only Races

A women’s only race series was in the works at the end of 2017. Many racers across the ages are seeking sex-specific integrated races. Carmen Jorda was in favour of splitting the sexes for competitive racing. During her appointment to the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission in December of 2017, she faced criticism by other members. The majority of the senior female racers objected to sex segregation racing. They agree that women are equally competitive as men are in motorsports.

Kiem Tjong

Kiem Tjong believes segregating women from men in competitive motorsport racing is an absolute insult to women. Kiem strongly believes women are just as capable as men when competing in motorsports.

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick set the scene for female drivers in Nascar. She is an inspiration to many upcoming female drivers. The young look at Danica and believe they are just as capable. Unfortunately, motorsports is still a male-dominated world. For female drivers, appearance and personality play a large role when being accepted into this sport. Whereas male drivers concentrate on performance skills and results.

Formula E

Simona de Silvestro has been the only female driver to compete in the Formula E against male drivers full a full season. De Silvestro states that there needs to be more female role models to continue to inspire female drivers in the next generation. Another problem is the need for more women to enter into the sport.

Future Formula E Races

The 2018/2019 Formula E season began a new initiative. Along with regular drivers, the teams were suggested to include a female driver. This event housed the highest amount of female drivers. This was a great test for women. In future, there will be annual tests for females.

Opportunities for Female Drivers

For future female drivers to advance and be noticed, they require opportunities like the Formula E 2018/2019 season permitted. The ability to perform to full potential can open many doors for women to enter into the male-dominated motorsports world.

Support From a Team

Receiving support from a team is very critical. This aids in the future opportunities female drivers need to advance in the sport.

Feeder Series

Many up and coming young drivers are not receiving opportunities to be noticed. Introducing a feeder series would help these drivers seek a future in participating and being recognised in this sport.

Female Mechanics and Engineers

There are other roles a female can take on aside from becoming a driver. As more and more females enter into the motorsport racing world, there are other opportunities available to them. Aside from becoming a driver, the other options available to females are mechanics and engineers.

Women Have More to Prove

For women to advance, they have to be accepted. They have to prove themselves much more than men do. The future may provide changes and more opportunities for women to become equal.