Everything to Know About Women Only Car Racing

Many different forms of car racing are enjoyed in many parts of the world, including New Zealand. There are various reasons why people become attracted to this sport and end up becoming drivers. Some enter into this profession after finishing their education like Bruce McClaren, who started his racing career with a degree in engineering. However, it is not just men who are part of motorsports as there are a lot of women racers who are also contributing to this exciting sport.

In the Past

Once women were insistent on entering the sport of car racing, it was accepted with limited tolerance by their male counterparts. At this time women were allowed to do a few laps around a course with borrowed vehicles. They were not being taken seriously and were only be appeased because of their determination to race. A lot has changed since then. Now there are not only car races reserved for women only but many prominent races that both genders compete in against each other.

Women Only Races

As the popularity of women in car racing grew, it has lacked in significant events in this sport that are designated for women only. Until recently, that is.

W Series

One of the latest and most exciting women’s car races to hit the circuit is the Women Only Racing Series. Undoubtedly it is going to be a major attraction for women race car drivers with a top prize of $500,00 US for the winner. This is a race comprised of a single-seater motor race. It is to launch in the spring of 2019.


This new women-only series will be made up of 18 female racers that will come from all parts of the world. Plus there will be two stand by drivers. The final choice of these drivers was made through a process of elimination from a total of fifty-four women driver.

The Mandate

The mandate of the first championship to take place in 2019 will be comprised of six races. All of these will be held in Europe.

The Proposed Winner

To become the winner of this race, participants will strive to earn the most points in the qualifiers after penalty points have been subtracted. This is an excellent format as participants are not claimed the winner on just one race. These women will have to show their consistency in each of the six races.

A Boost for Women Racers

Up until the introduction of the W series, there have not been any significant races for women only to showcase their contribution to the sport. One of the reasons for this has been because of the limited number of women who have had a desire to race car drive and have followed their desires. Forty years have gone by since a woman started in the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It is the desire of the Motorsport industry to attract more attention to women drivers and consider the best way to do this is for women to have their own series.

Hopefully, this new women’s only race is going to draw a lot of attention. The more popularity it gains, the more likely it is that more women will want to participate in this sport. It is a great way of promoting the car racing sport by gender and stirring up more interest in it from a spectator’s point of view.