All About Women in Car Racing

For women who are looking for equality in sports, then they are going to enjoy this site, which is dedicated to women in the car racing sport. There is a lot of information here that can be used for different purposes. Some of the important topics that can be found here are as follows:

Prominent Female Racers

It is well known that sexism is something that women have been dealing with in almost every industry. It was no different for those women who had a desire to become race car drivers. They were being held to minor positions on the race car circuit by their male counterparts.

There are many women who have made some important contributions to the car racing sport. The article here touches upon the challenges that they had to face and the expense of being a participant in this sport. Then it focuses on some of the women drivers that have made a name for themselves on the racing circuit. Not only those who are currently racing but some of those from the past.

Women Only

Although women worked very hard to break into the motorsports, they have not been well recognised for having their own races based on gender. The only real women only races took place when women first began to show an interest in this sport. This didn’t amount to much as it was comprised of a few women drivers spinning around a track in between the men’s races. It was more of a gesture to keep the women happy. The post that is here talks about some big changes that are starting to take place for the women’s only races. This is a new approach and one that appears to be most exciting.


For those who are just beginning to show an interest in women and car racing, taking a look at the history for this is most interesting. The content we have here concerning this outlines what has taken place in this sport regarding the women who were insistent on becoming part of it. If it were not for their interest and persistence, women would not be enjoying this sport today as they do.

The Future

Now that women have been totally accepted into the Motorsports industry, what does the future hold for them? The answer to this can be found in the interesting post that is here on this site. Undoubtedly there is a lot of controversy as to how the women’s sector in this sport is going to grow in popularity. One of the concerns is that there are not enough women participating as drivers compared to their male counterparts. Steps are being taken to help remedy this. A good example is the women’s only series that is in the works. It is hoped that this is going to entice a lot more women to want to become part of the racing circuit.


Sports, no matter what they are, will always be important to society. It is important to encourage women to participate in these. It is the main purpose of this site to draw more attention to the Motorsports and to encourage women to participate in just as much as their male counterparts do. Women often pave the way for other women. Those who become involved in this great sport now will set an example for women in the future.

Hopefully, this site will make a contribution to encouraging more women to consider race car driving. If you have found this site to be interesting, please encourage your friends to view it as well. By doing so, you will be doing your part in supporting women race car drivers.